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Tab Snooze for Chrome app, the browser allows you to keep an open tab at the top of the ones you want constantly. After a certain period of the stored tabs, are re-emerging.

For example, when you open a web page to read later at the top of the tab of the Chrome browser me you’ll stay clear thanks to this plugin, is hiding. The user of the plugin at any time from the Menu tab tab reinvigorated after the specified time frame or he has access to. We can’t deny that is a useful service.

Sometimes we need to open multiple tabs in Google Chrome. Personally, my dozens of tabs open from time to time. Many tabs this may cause confusion. Because of this, they are to be read from the tabs you have open then you can hide thanks to the Snooze tab in the plugin.
The plugin is designed only for the Chrome browser tab snooze, and help to conceal any bread of your browser all the time. The tabs are stored after a certain period opens again.

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