Speed Dial 2 – New tab



By default, Chrome’s new tab page doesn’t offer you much more. However, you don’t have to make do with this page; great Chrome apps and plugins that will make the new tab page much more useful.

If you want to open new tabs quickly, and if you don’t want to see anything else, “about:blank” we can make the array not to use. However, with the right application, it is possible to save multiple tabs even. Worth a try, here’s some new tab pages:

After you install speed dial 2 you will come to a screen that will help you configure it. Visit here to add your new tab page among your most visited sites, bookmarks, and other shortcuts. For large tiles you can create the web site you want to access quickly, it can show thumbnails of other sites. Application, your bookmarks and your browsing history, you can easily show in a dropdown tab from the right side.

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