Razer Cortex: Booster



The Game Acceleration Software

Razer Cortex: game booster, game accelerator known as the latest computer to play games without inserting games smoother and more responsive by tapping a button in the form is designed to help you to make the most of your computer. Temporarily stops background processes, cleans RAM and processor makes it a gaming computer by improving the performance of your PC.

Razer game booster for highest gaming performance by optimizing your system with a single click you faster and more fluid gaming experience.
Razer game booster optimizes the way your computer’s system performance is a free software you can play games faster. That emerged thanks to Razer and iobit, in partnership with successful software, you will have much higher gaming performance on your system.

With a single click, the application automatically all system resources optimizes the way you want to play games over the internet and thus you can achieve the highest performance from you which is for which game settings should I use to find different ways like you don’t take.

Even if you have an old PC Razer game booster, thanks to higher fps and less lag with the best gaming experience you can have.

No programs or other applications when you start playing the game after you run the program on the desktop won’t bother you again because only the game window will open.


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