Q-dir portable or the board can function as a windowed interface allows you to manage files and folders on your computer with four.

With the program on your hard drive, network folders, USB memory or other storage units, file & folders easily and quickly can access, delete, move, & copy editing such as you can do your operations.

Q-dir is a free and useful program that you can use to organize and manage your files and folders.
Q-dir is a free file-editing program that helps you to organize your files and folders. Your files and folders Quadro-view technique overview you can access easily and quickly. “Drag and drop” feature, you can easily use. Using the program you can save your time and your labor.

Q-DIR allows you to compare up to four file all aspects of. It can work with a simple command key. Open the panel with the user interface and file separately, you can apply four different separate processes. You can easily search the files you specify and you can edit it. Each panel is run, delete, copy, and paste commands it contains. You can examine the convergence property of the files with fine detail.

Help a short and concise information about the tasks that you can do all kinds of property transactions. Main features the program can do: your favorite choice, drag and drop, copy to clipboard, show all, magnifying glass, Color filters, etc. commands.


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