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Hello dear followers, this is tami. Available to users by Google e-mail service Gmail today, email is among the most widely used services.

Many include useful features that are available to users on Gmail, although all of these features is not sufficient to meet our needs. This need one e-mail need to follow. Gmail sometimes sent through e-mails to check whether their destination has arrived, can prove vital. Therefore WhatsApp being delivered in a similar manner to those in our messages that indicates whether a feature could be very useful.

Google Gmail might not offer such features as on the picture, but luckily Google Chrome can easily perform this job in the form of a plugin that we have a choice. This Google Chrome extension called Gmail sent via us mail to basically track of the e-mail has been read and whether the recipient has reached whether it is showing reports. MailTrack mail tracking system just like WhatsApp, has a structure easy and practical. Add your e-mail reached the goal they were read out with Yesil and place tick marks.

In this article, the mail plugin and the setup of the track illustrated how to do we describe how to use the plugin. First you must access the mailtrack plugin using this link:

Add To Chrome

Track The mail of the plugin on the Chrome Web Store using the link above to access the download page after you have marked with red in the picture area by clicking inside the plugin Google Chrome, Internet we’re loading in our browser:


Before you begin the installation you will be asked to verify our process. For this job a little message box comes out. In the message box “Add” and we select the option we continue with the installation:

After this step, MailTrack will descend. After landing into the system plugin with a Gmail account we need to join mailtrack. For this it is enough that we have to sign in with a Gmail account. After the plugin is installed, on the page that opens, click the area marked in the picture on our scanner:

“Sign in with Google” option and a new window will appear after selecting this window we will be asked us in our Gmail account to sign in. After you log on use the Add-in comes with a confirmation request in order to:

The “Accept” option after selecting the plugin, we can now start using mailtrack. The plugin will automatically track mail and your emails from the moment you install the plugin to your browser aktiflesmek conducts follow up on. The status of the emails that you send on Gmail “sent mail” section you can follow:

A blue tick mark indicates that a single field of your email reached the recipient. In the Red area, double-click a mark if e-mail has been read by the recipient, and means that you get to your destination.

As shown, MailTrack, which has a very practical use of a plugin. Track mail, thanks to private correspondence as you can keep track of your mails that you send for business purposes is reaching the target audience and see you about that, too, if you can follow.


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