iMacros for Chrome



What Is Imacros
the imacros browser is executed on an add-on that is in the way that makes clicks and set you in your place

To use, you first Chrome here to download

Open the page and then open chrome and imacros plugin here to install “+ Add to chrome” click on

When you start chrome again with this symbol will come.

iMacros-tribal wars

Yes, as I mentioned above, imacros to automate some things like it works, consider a robot who spoil it for you 🙂 Oh how I hear you ask, it would be this time read carefully what I have to write

looting a player that can automate your imacros thousands..even millions with a single click, you can face the thousands, if you want outcall you see some of the world’s award-winning some of the players have been using this method..

How To Use It?

After you install imacros, it comes with 3 tabs
Play:play the macro is the part that you have prepared
Rec:Record portion of the recording is the result of the match, save this part
Edit:I saved this section, you can edit your adventures

Add To chrome


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