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Gmail offline, whether it is understood from the name you don’t even have an Internet connection by connecting to your Gmail account as your e-mail lets you perform operations.
Gmail offline e-mail designed to make it easier and more efficient to use a successful Google Chrome add-on.

Even if you have an Internet connection by entering into a plugin developed by Google Gmail e-mail you create, delete, and allows you to change. That you created while you were offline e-mails, internet is sent when the connection is established. You delete, archive, or changed e-mails and conversations are synchronized when both are online.

In our times the Internet e-mail to be able to handle our transactions by using a Gmail problem, which is a great tool for important e-mail may handle advance your operations, your job or your Internet connection is disconnected in order to keep up your e-mail you can arrange to have sent to prepare when you are on the internet.


Access Gmail without an Internet connection.
Offline transactions, the internet is automatically synchronized when the connection is established.
E-mails to quickly Browse and a process designed to make simple and elegant interface
You can use this plugin free of charge downloading with Google Chrome after installing, you can start to use it immediately.

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