Ghostery, on the internet sites we follow, which your information to identify and stroll is a useful application that you can use to prevent it.
Ghostery, nowadays, many Internet sites, including Facebook and Google, and thus your personal information and ensure your security and activity tracking information system was developed in order to stop a Google Chrome add-on.

If you are using Chrome as your browser, I would recommend to use the plugin ghostery. Due to special codes that are placed on the Internet pages on which page you’re interested in what you are doing, and then the information collected will be presented to you in the ads that is being used. So you own the sites you have entered your areas of interest without your knowledge by learning, then sells it to you. Among Internet users who want to prevent it if you can with a plugin if you are simple and small. Ghostery identified and all sites that collect your information and you secretly follow these sites to receive information of stopping a successful plugin.

Thanks to the plugin that is 1 MB in size, presents detailed information about the sites where your information are followed. Apart from that, as long as you follow sites that are identified in an anonymous manner to send to ghostery it can be helpful to create a more detailed list of the plugin.

Navigate freely on the internet if you don’t want to be recorded and of your deeds immediately by installing Ghostery plugin Chrome you should start.

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