Checker Plus for Gmail For Chrome



Checker plus for Gmail, the Chrome browser using your Gmail account you maintain control of your self that are designed to provide ease and effective plugin.
Checker plus for Gmail, read emails from your Gmail account easily with Chrome browser or a plugin that will alert you to successful.

After installing the plugin, your new incoming e-mails to view, and you can view a photograph of the sender if it can receive a desktop notification, or even listen, read or delete them. And the best part, you can do all of these operations without opening your Gmail page. During the day continually retrieve new e-mail plugin will make your work easier, which is ideal for people who quite.


More than one e-mail account is the fastest and easiest way to manage
Chrome plug-ins is one of the most popular ones among
The permissions required to access your Gmail account safe and just you want
Chrome and notifies you of new incoming emails will continue to work in background when closed
Voice notification support
Your Gmail account all relevant with your e-mail thanks to this plugin that will make it easier and speed up operations, save time and become more efficient. I would recommend you to download and use for free.

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