Bonfire Group Video Chat



Facebook, independent video chat application started to test bonfire

For the first time this past July in the month of Facebook’s video calling that began to be spoken in the application of new developments have emerged. The application appeared in the AppStore for the first time in Danish, and the name of the bonfire appeared to be.

Party application this application is very similar to any other application on the market which house. In this application you can make group video calls with more than one friend at the same time effects. Also take photos from within the application you are going to Instagram, Facebook, and you will be able to share via Messenger.

Notification will go to the person who added to the conversation via Messenger. Then, you add people to talk to, the screen will be divided to provide equal space for all. So far 2000 people downloading this app and started using it in Denmark, it is known to. Here passed the test if the Facebook app recently, will be broadcast all over the world.

Bonfire, in a line parallel with Facebook’s new mission. Create communities, and the world will shrink even more you want to say, to admit that the current content of the video is the standard for Facebook to develop an app like The it’s perfectly natural. We hope that Facebook will live to tell bonfire stories experienced rejection by the user. This practice will be published in our country or in the rest of the world and yet it’s unclear whether or when.


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